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UshaDestinations are only being made for travel bloggers, travel businessmen, and new business for travel. The idea is to create “actionable information and practical inspiration for Travel business owners.”

Why UshaDestinations

UshaDestinations is basically designed for those, who are looking for reading in interested new Travel Tips, Travel Stories, Adventure Travelling, Budget Travelling, and Travel to Gulf Countries. We keep a deep relationship with our audience and our staff Travel Bloggers, Travel Business owners, and Travel Business Experts program is ideal for those that like writing about traveling areas, new travel tips, exploring new places, and are willing to commit to producing several posts per month.

Guest Posting

We are always open for Guest Posting on UshaDestinations and you can easily become a contributor @UshaDestinations by submitting your first writing stuff directly to our editor Kanika Sharma: kanikasharma199500@gmail.com

What We Generally Accept

For becoming a contributor you need to submit the write-ups on the following related points:

  1. Travel Stories
  2. Travel Experiences
  3. Travel Tips
  4. Budget Travel
  5. Your Most Adventure Travel Trip
  6. Explored some new places.
  7. Destination Food

Currently, it is very easy to become a contributor on #UshaDestinations

We have opened a registration, Click Here and register yourself & directly publish your content over here.

Our Contribution Guidelines:

To save ourselves from spamming and crapped content we have set some guidelines which every contributor must need to follow:-

#1 Content must be written in a well-mannered way and as per the user’s point of view.

#2 Content must be unique (No Copied Content would be accepted)

Note: If we will find submitting any crapped or copied content, we will directly bar the contributor’s account.

#3 Content must be at-least 1000+ words, no less content would be accepted.

#4 Contributors need to submit the content point so that it would be easy and attractive for a user.

#5 Content must have related images because Images attract more.

#6 Contributors must have a headshot, and should not have any anonymous name or picture.

#7 We only allow a single outbound (backlink) in content but references and big authority websites like Wikipedia, Forbes, Huffington, etc. are always welcome.

#8 You need to provide at least 2 internal links to our older posts while contributing.

We think that above all the Guidelines are too easy to handle for a contributor and will keep them in mind before submitting.

For more information, you can directly contact: kanikasharma199500@gmail.com

We are waiting for your write-ups.

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